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Global Financial Opportunities in Multiscale Technologies. Introduction

It is well known that the three steps (stages) are required for a great discovery (technology) to be recognized and accepted. During the first stage the opponents (science establishment, then the money seeding community) say that the discovery is crazy; later in the second stage they admit that the idea and an implementation are possible, but that this discovery is of no real importance; and the 3rd phase/stage realizes when adversaries start saying that the discovery is principal, but everybody has known of it and they particularly have been working on that right along (and for quite a time?).

This is the 3-rd stage of recognition according to great names of XIX-XX centuries, when specialists around are in a hurry to join the bandwagon. Good. Well, something will be coming soon of more size.

Prof. A.Nakayama is also suggesting his name as the person who developed the VAT. Well, we can state that he participated in 90s, is participating now in the one scale half-homogeneous modeling in porous media, started to work in medicine, but had never even written the scaled mathematical statements.

Right now in these notes below, we have written for the first time some notes from the history on the subject of HSP-VAT (VAT).

2011. Some Facts from the History of HSP-VAT Founding 1981-2011

As the response to the keynote talk by I.Catton in 2010 - "Conjugate Heat Transfer Within a Heterogeneous Hierarchical Structure" title of his keynote lecture at (IHTC-14) International Heat Transfer Conference, August 8 - 13, 2010, Washington D.C., USA, "Keynote Lectures at 2010 International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-14)" we need to say some otherwise statements.

In his talk there are wordings - "In 1985, he began his work on Volume Averaging Theory (VAT) as a basis for dealing with transport in heterogeneous hierarchical media. This work culminated in a lengthy paper in Advances in Heat Transfer in 2001. This work has continued and now forms the basis for optimization of heat sinks and heat exchangers."

First of all - Prof. I.Catton could not start the VAT in 1985, as long as I came to the US in 1990, and that was me who named this discipline approximately in 1992-1994 as the VAT (Volume Averaging Theory).

Before that nobody, neither professor Whitaker, nor Slattery, nor W.Gray, nor I.Catton ever used the mathematics, physical concepts for heterogeneous (two scale at least) description of physical problems as the scaled ones, two scale at least, for heterogeneous media, for nonlinear fields, for turbulence, biology, medicine, other sciences, etc., etc.

Not talking on the coining of the field as the VAT (HSP-VAT now).

I.Catton used to deal with the heat exchangers (HE) modeling for many years (and for Nuclear Power industry as well) before me, and never came to the ideas of connecting HE modeling and design to the HSP-VAT, or VAT in the 90s. That was me, who brought all of that on HEs and other fields to the MAE department of UCLA in 1991 and later on advanced theory with performing the mathematical modeling and simulation specifically for HEs in 1998-2002. Using students and collaborators from Germany, Japan, RF, other counties.

See on this in all my - "Fundamentals ......"

especially in "Fundamentals of Hierarchical Scaled Physics (HSP-VAT) Description of Transport and Phenomena in Heterogeneous and Scaled Media"

as well as in "Heat Exchangers, and in a few other sub-sections.

Regarding the "start" in 1985 - that was the start of porous media research by I.Catton in a completely conventional orthodox way - the one scale homogeneous Darcy-Forchheimer type modeling governing equations, the papers on the topic Catton published with his active grad student J.Georgiadis in those few years before my arrival.

And only my active participation starting in 1991 (Georgiadis left to those days) turned table to the HSP-VAT agenda. I was writing during all the consecutive 11 years to the DOE and DOD, DARPA, corporate research quarters the proposals in the fields of Ht Fluid Mechanics, Ht Thermal Physics, that were the natural fields for the areas of interest at MAE, as well as for other physical sciences that only I had brought in as the Hierarchical, Heterogeneous (Hr, Ht) fields to the department, as the solid state, composites via HSP-VAT, electrodynamics, magnetism, acoustics, medicine, particle physics, nuclear fusion, etc., etc. Have copies of those texts and scripts, if anyone would like to look at. ==== ====

It is interesting - What S.Whitaker, a real one of the pioneers since 60s, thinks now on that? In the 90s he told me - that nobody in his department of Chemical Engineering at UC, Davis even understood what he was suggesting and studying. And this is about the really good application field for HSP-VAT such as the chemical reactors modeling and design?

Now, as I write here in this sub-section - "Global Financial Opportunities in Multiscale Technologies. Introduction," other section-sciences that

some people seems, who is somehow familiar with the science of HSP-VAT and publishing close to HSP-VAT, are declaring themselves as the "founders"! And it's a fun to read, but is not true.


We believe that the hierarchical scaled physics and technologies (HSP-VAT are the great new fields. At present, there are the only physics and technical applications based on HSP-VAT that have explained in many scientific fields and technologies what is it all about and why is it possible - because Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP) is not capable to do this. The only HSP-VAT can perform the tasks of scale models transform Bottom-Up (BU) and Top-Down (TD) and scaleportation of the fields and their characteristics. Until few years ago, and in some fields of physics and chemistry of near 10 years back, there was no even word on the multiscale problems - what is this?

The definitions, methods, mathematical procedures that appeared recently in physics, chemistry and technologies apart of HSP-VAT are the imitation of the multiscaling and are the evidences of the 3rd phase of HSP-VAT implementation.

We discussed that situation thoroughly regarding the few physical fields analysis in our websites -

  • - "Why is it Different from Homogeneous and other Theories and Methods of Heterogeneous Media Mechanics/(other Sciences) Description?";

  • - "Are there any other Methods and Theories available?";

  • - "Pseudo-Averaging (Scaling, Hierarchy), Quasi-Averaging, Ad-hoc Averaging, and other "Averaging" (Scaling, Hierarchy) Type Claims";

  • - "What is in use in Continuum Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media as of Through ~1950 - 2005 ? ";

  • - "Who Are in the Continuum Mechanics Continuing to Dwell in an Ivory Tower? Who Tries to Re-Invent the Wheel? What Are the Damage and Financial Loss?";

  • - "How not to Scale-Down...or -Up.. ..Analysis of Current Studies on Scaled, Collective Phenomena in Biology Fields Presented as the One-Scale Concepts";

  • - "What's Wrong with the Pseudo-Averaging Used in Textbooks on Atomic Physics and Electrodynamics for Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz Electromagnetism Equations ".

    At present time there is no other technical, business entity being able to perform engineering, scientific projects and services with this knowledge, expertise and know-how - "Accomplishments - Only the HSP-VAT Tools Have Made these Problems Solved "; "Announcements".

    Now we have been observing the 3rd stage in a few areas of physics and technologies where the great discoveries (advancements) development are underway:

    1) Regarding the polyscale (multiscale) physics we are now in the 3rd stage - in many fields workers began saying that they are a "long time" (?) developers of the kind of "multiscale" techniques, methods. In a few areas workers already developed pseudo-scaling mathematical procedures - "Who Are in the Continuum Mechanics Continuing to Dwell in an Ivory Tower? Who Tries to Re-Invent the Wheel? What Are the Damage and Financial Loss?"; "How not to Scale-Down...or -Up.. ..Analysis of Current Studies on Scaled, Collective Phenomena in Biology Fields Presented as the One-Scale Concepts". There are even appeared new multiscale journals and topical publications. In the meantime, that was not in any case, any mentioning of that technique near ten years ago, but only in the HSP-VAT.

    2) Meanwhile, concerning the energy crisis that is related to the physics of electromagnetism - in it right now we are at the 3rd stage also. Many devices, magnetic motors presented by their inventors for testing, making public statements, etc. These devices are working prototypes. There was recently suggested for the first time the scaleportation electromagnetism theory (in HSP-VAT) - "Incompatibility of Maxwell-Lorentz Electrodynamics Equations at Atomic and Continuum Scales" to apply for the explanation and modeling of hidden "vacuum" energy generation capabilities; that is not seen while with the conventional Maxwell-Lorentz electrodynamics.

    3) In the polyscale hierarchical biology we are in the 2nd stage of understanding by scientists, biologists, industry establishment; those communities do not object to polyscale linguistics and conceptual offerings - and they can not (they don't have qualifications good enough in physics and math) - "Analysis of Current Studies on Scaled Phenomena in Biology "; "BOTTOM-UP THEORETICAL, STRUCTURAL, CELLULAR BIOLOGY "MULTISCALING"", but continue to spend billions of dollars for conventional homogeneous biology methods based on conventional homogeneous biochemistry; biotechnologies almost exclusively are biochemical.

    Nevertheless, encouraging sign is that biology and medicine are always following physics with applications of great advancements in it. Moreover, within biology and medicine there have been given birth to many new and complicated fields those can not fulfill their own promises just because the needed instruments from physics had not been delivered yet.

    Examples are - the genetics that stuck with the statistical methods, the molecular cell biology that uses the obsolete chemistry tools and explanations, the chronic diseases drug design and development lasting by decades, etc.

    4) That might be mentioned also, that there are exist numerous facts and even few theories on the subtle methods of effectual physical impact on biomedia, cells, organisms to gain specific goal of regeneration, reversible change, healing. So far all this is done on the base of qualitative or experimental methods along the no sound physical explanation, theory of quantitative character. It would be of great importance when the 2nd, at least, stage will come along with the quantitative physics and modeling methods that are of either Bottom-Up and/or Top-Down to study the reversible processes in biology, medicine.

    We formulated plentiful of topics of polyscale, hierarchical needs (fields) for technologies that have being recognized and to some extent disclosed and discussed - more than 200 of multiscale topics and fields, as of 2010, that directly communicated and started within the HSP-VAT, in our websites and other publications.

    At the meantime, there is no one other correct, quantitative example of the scaling technology in the world apart of our more than >7 two-scale applications (problems) solved exactly with the HSP-VAT tools plus numerous other solved scaled Heterogeneous scientific and technologycal issues, with methods those outlined in our hard copy publications, in internet in our websites and in the know-how procedures.

    The most thought after and studied in other centers of VAT are the applications which pursue the half-way Bottom-Up (0.5 ↑) tasks of physical and mathematical statement. Which is the Upper scale (nonlocal) formulation of the scaled problem.

    That means the formulation of a two-scale problem as the Upper scale one only precludes understanding and performance of the direct communication, scaleportation of the scale dependent physics, definitions, nomenclature, simulation, fields and characteristics in between the scales.

    However, this is the sense of the whole HSP-VAT task and of technologies behind of it.

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