Fluid Mechanics Experiments Example - the Flow Resistance in Porous and Virtually Porous (Obstructed) Media

As I wrote in the sub-section

  • "Effective Coefficients in Fluid Mechanics"

    which is about few methods of developing procedure and setting-up the Upper scale experiments for Two-scale Fluid Mechanics problems in porous media, there is the full scale consideration of all effective phenomena occurring in this kind of problems.

    That we published in concise text in -

    Travkin, V.S. and Catton, I. Transport phenomena in heterogeneous media based on volume averaging theory// Advances in Heat Transfer. (New York, Academic Press, 2001. Vol. 34.). P.1-144.

    which part related to fluid flow experimental grounds and features outlined and can be read from -

  • Full scale analyses of flow resistance phenomena in porous media-1 ( 1.1M)

  • Full scale analyses of flow resistance phenomena in porous media-2 (1020k)

    The tedious work-study regarding the some Upper scale only basic flow resistance procedures established using the HSP-VAT theoretical ground is published here in -

  • "Case-Study - Design of Porous Recuperator's Flow Resistance and Heat Exchange Properties"

    along with the large piece of texts on setting-up and data reduction procedures specifically for a two-scale HSP-VAT experiments done while studying the characteristics and optimization possibilities for semiconductor heat sinks -

  • "Semiconductor Coolers "

    In the following subsection of our website uploaded the broad scope examination of experimental work done over two- or three-scale environmental engineering tasks as well as the HSP-VAT conceptual experimental procedures -

  • "Experiments, Experimental Data Reduction and Analysis; Numerical Experiment (Simulation) Data Mining."

    Now we can state that the basic theoretical equations, methods of data reduction and even some experimental work was provided for the two-scale heterogeneous problems in Fluid Mechanics. This is encouraging situation notwithstanding the complexity of experimental procedural solutions.

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