Most of the groundwater contamination modeling software capabilities at that time - (1993 - 1994), (while almost the same situation widely spread now, the difference is in the much more developed computer interfaces) - are illustrated in the following table

These three shaded areas are continued to be the challenging regions for conceptualization and solution.

Well, there were no scaling approaches and scaling suggestions in the groundwater modeling, but suggested and studied firstly by W.Gray and his co-authors, if I am accurate. Not to say that there were and are no other prominent researchers in the field of groundwater contamination modeling, still not knowing the difference between the concepts and their fulfillments. There are mountains of publications on the subject of soil and groundwater transport science, modeling and simulation. I am afraid that in this section I can not paid much of attention to analysis of most of the published works in this science. Many assessments can be found in our related publications, other places in this website as, for example, in

  • Fluid Mechanics


  • Thermal Physics


  • Agro-Meteorology

    section in

  • Composite Engineering

    section in

  • "Modeling and Averaging in Meteorology of Heterogeneous Domains - Follow-up the NATO PST.ASI.980064"

    and in

  • "Experiments, Experimental Data Reduction and Analysis; Numerical Experiment (Simulation) Data Mining"

    more on experimental efforts in Environmental Engineering are in

  • "Environmental Sciences Two Scale VAT Experiments."

    Also, some analysis of the situation done by workers in the field (soil and groundwater contamination, Sposito, Jury, and Gupta; 1986) we commented under an angle of the HSP-VAT in the subsection:

  • "The Science of Coefficients is About the Thing for Which the Most of Experimental Effort Undertaken"

    as well as in the given below excerpts from our study of the FIVE scale presentation and modeling of the soil and groundwater contamination transport supported by the US Army Missile Command. They were and are continued to be interested in the groundwater contamination prevention and clean-up issues.

    Meanwhile, the heterogeneous soil and groundwater contamination transport theoretical constructions were published, still for the separate Upper scale only. No interface, the real interaction by modeling and numerical simulation between the, at least, two scales for this class of problems. The problem was and continues to be with the theoretical ground for technology, techniques, to communicate the multiscale physics best meanings and results - Up- and Down- the scales, well with mathematically sound and Correct implementation. As soon as these media and tasks are really of Heterogeneous and Multiscale nature, then naturally the only existing now tool for these challenges is the HSP-VAT apparatus and techniques.

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