Environmental Sciences Two Scale VAT Experiments

We would like to say that the all (perhaps) experimental shots in Environmental Sciences and Engineering are actually intended as for the Two (at least) Scale fields and data collection. We wrote some on this in related to Agro-Meteorology section -

  • - "Agro-Meteorology"

    Among only few of the known other attempts of doing experiments in environmental sciences and engineering while keeping in mind the scaled character of many subjects and processes - and I mean the rigor mathematical approach of the HSP-VAT, here would be helpful to point out into our analysis done in the subsection on experimental efforts reported at the NATO ASI-980064-2004

  • - "Experiments, Experimental Data Reduction and Analysis; Numerical Experiment (Simulation) Data Mining "

    with the following reference to the subsection with the Urban Morphology Experiment and Modeling content in

  • - "Urban Experimental Morphology for the Urban Bi-Porous Air Pollution Three Scale Modeling"

    The general outlook for scaled experimental approaches in Environmental Sciences so far is gloomy - there is no understanding of "How to do this as scaled?" as well as no developed sufficiently tools for doing at least the Two Scale experiments.

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