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Atomic and Subatomic Scales Description of Matter with HSP-VAT


The sub-atomic particles and quasi particles - such as electrons, holes, plasmons, phonons, magnons and polarons, Cooper pairs, as long as atomic scale poly"phase" physical objects - as ions, atoms, molecules, are on the list of those we try to be concerned about. We prefer to be less available for critical arrows sent by atomic science purists, still the reality is like this.

The whole body of the atomic scale science was created mainly by the force of imagination, great imaginations of great people. That was more then 80 years ago. The basic entities involved had no multibody treatments - there were no such solutions, and multibody problems considered unsolvable at that time - WHAT was and has being used in Quantum Field Theory is still not a many-body treatment. Well, it is called the "many-body" now and then, but it is not; no good ground scattering mechanisms, (well, it is called the "scattering" but it is not); and this is only the fraction of major assumptions. Some qualified people know this, just don't bother amidst of the day to day activity.

And, by the way, there were no such fashionable now things as the scaling thinking, at least there were no such words and things as the atomic scale microscope, nanotechnology, multiscale modeling, scaling communications, etc.

Now it is the different story. Mathematics has been advanced, experimental tools such as MFM, SEM, STM, TEM give so specific pictures that many unanswered 60-80 years old questions can have different interpretations.

In recent years not only the scaled hierarchical hydrodynamic equations had been evolved to the stage of practical problems solution. But the second compulsory part of the physics phenomena of any scale - the wave mechanics HSP-VAT disciplines were formed, developed mathematically to the sufficient level allowing to deal with the practical implementation and advanced problems simulation for any sub-discipline of physics.

That gives the basics, we believe for the scaled treatment not only of nanoscale but and atomic and lower scale phenomena. After all - those things are co-exist without our approval (without accepted theory or explanation) for atomic scale subjects being formed into the solid state.

We need to remind here the few first pages from the piece of our text -

  • two scale heat transport in nano-microsize objects (1.1M)

    which gives some of prehistory of nanoscale heterogeneous matter models and modeling. The few governing equations had been really derived according to HSP-VAT heterogeneous conceptions for the matter.

    There won't be too many of references related to Hierarchical Heterogeneous Scaled atomic physics and electrodynamics, than of our work, sorry for this statement. We simply do not know other approaches which interpret these scale phenomena in a matter under the angle of using the Heterogeneous physics and mathematics, WSAM kind of theorems, but not the Homogeneous "physics", Homogeneous Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem, etc. It just starts with the Heterogeneous Scaled mathematics, and then the physical applications come into the scene.

    See more in sections on Heterogeneous Electrodynamics -

  • Electrodynamics

  • Electrodynamics 2 - Elements 3P (Polyphase-Polyscale-Polyphysics)

    and Optics (including scattering issues)

  • Optics

    and Acoustics (just don't blame us for the SonoFusion sub-section, which is not edited according to the latest events yet, and where the collective behavior problem exists as it had been, no matter what temperature is)

  • Acoustics

    If any information of this kind will be available to us and to our co-authors, we will put it in this and other websites. As has been published here an information on the Galilean Scaled Electrodynamics, Spinning ("Torsion"), Particle, Atomic, and Nuclear physics 2, etc. that is changing the game of physics.

    In few instances people started to write the analogous of LINEAR hydrodynamics HSP-VAT equations as for continuous matter LINEAR electrodynamics. Using also the same concepts, still with no straight statements for problems. With no scaling, and no closure and no solutions.

    Further in this section on Atomic and Subatomic scales Physics we included more notes on research at UCLA regarding plasma and fusion? There are variety of Institutions, their studies we spoke about in this website. We happen to be associated with UCLA, know more on that University, and had spent a lot of years over there trying to introduce at different departments the only correct mathematical and physical knowledge and education on Hierarchical, Heterogeneous, and/or Scaled matters and media. Also, important, that we know people and know what they did through the years of their affiliation.

    Here we are also talking and would talk on plasma, fusion, and particle physics Heterogeneous and scaling issues.


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