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  • Target Identification in Human Tissue for Drug Delivery

    (published in - Ramnarayan, K., Moezzi, S., Tudor, S., Mylvaganam, S., and Shenderovich, M., "Relational Database for Protein Structure," Gen. Engin. News, Vol. 24, No. 13, pp.32-34, 2004)

    While we are looking for a certain group of proteins, or viruses or bacteria we must account and consider also the surrounding human tissue with all its very complex morphology and multiphysics processes. Meaning we are trying to identify our target in the heterogeneous medium.

    The general perception of target identification in multiphase, heterogeneous environment - which is the most frequent situation, that is to sense and to locate the response of an active signal, or a passive one registering in a surrounding environmental as a needed field. Then, to analyze the field (signal) and make a conclusion regarding the presence, location and properties of the target presence (if any exists) related to this signal or field.

    This general ideology requires the accepted physical and mathematical models for the media environment and for the signal (field) propagation, distribution. And here we came to the main controversy with regard of the truthful problem's statement if using the homogeneous physics and its mathematical models. That is the number of years since even in biotech and health sciences professionals learned to respect the modeling.

    For heterogeneous media those models should be based on the heterogeneous scaled HSP-VAT formulation. As we have shown in many places of this website - the Homogeneous and the Heterogeneous HSP-VAT Statements and Solutions are not a close match.

    We need again to point out, to focus the attention of readers to this issue of ability of HSP-VAT to depict and directly involve the different physical scales and physics phenomena into the final simulating mathematical model. This feature alone should create a great deal of awareness around of this capacity which is unique at this time in mathematics, physics, and other sciences. In each and every field there are the countless problems and needs to combine and bring together the phenomena that in other ways just are being described separately, in different disciplines even, when everyone knows that those are of the same or related nature, process, etc. etc.

    As, in biological and medical sciences everyone knows, speaks and study the phenomena on the surfaces of objects, cells, bacteria, (viruses !), has the intention to combine the surficial, membrane nature of phenomena on the surface, inside of the cell (bacteria, etc.), and of the bulk of the numerous colonies of cells, viruses, bacteria, etc. Here, in Drug Delivery field, researchers teams used to develop the complicated - as above, physical and mathematical One Scale tools to pinpoint, to find out the place, time table and effects for unknown (or known partially) volumetrically, or molecularly delivered to the organ (tissue) drug.

    The surface conditions of proteins (and not only for Drug Delivery) as we see are of great importance.

    As we have shown and mathematically proven in -

  • - "Globular Morphology Two Scale Electrostatic Exact Solutions."

    the surficial electrostatics phenomena on the surface of globules are of extreme importance for the general electrical (mass fractions, temperature, etc.) fields local as well as non-local distributions.

    That is why we can say that those great mathematical and software tools developed and used in drug delivery field won't work correctly for their intended needs as soon as the electrical fields (and other) phenomena on the surface of protein, inside of the protein structure and for the huge number of closely located proteins have being depicted (studied) with different one scale tools and models.

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