Bottom-Up or Top-Down Design and Modeling

Let's consider the Top-down sequence of scales with the device such as - the coating of special class.

Going further we want the chatter on the task - What is the way to force these models to talk, to transfer information, data to each other? How to connect the definitions and results for each scale between themselves? Making just volumetric averaging as most of people do while coming from the bottom scale to the upper scale phenomena (Bottom-Up sequence)?

No, this is not the correct way to act, because the Heterogeneous WSAM theorems saying to us that this piece of "Structure-Properties Relations" is not such a simple action, especially when the characteristic of interest depending on some equation, operator or function.

But what about the Top-Down transfer of field's influence (input), data?

Also what is about interpretation of data in most and in Nanotechnologies experiments when we forced to consider phenomena of two- or more scale interferences starting from the Upper scale data?

We now can take into account the 4-5 orders of scales magnitude when neutrally intend at first, just to connect mathematically, to communicate mathematically the models, which admissibly, are written for each scale as the separate model, or sum of definitions finalized with the mathematical dependency, or equation(s), as usual.

The slide is from Kintech Ltd.

We will also appreciate if this communication of data, variable fields values would explain to us - How their physics works on each scale? Which is the way while changing something at the bottom - in the nanoscale physics (for Nanotechnologies) and its model, finding the influence of that for the other scales (upper, or lower) involved?

For doing this - there is no other correct tool right now and for the last 40 years (since 1967) as to using the HSP-VAT possibilities. I can only imagine how many people are disappointed and disagree with this previous sentence -

but you know What?

During the years of this website existence with such a strong message all over it regarding the advantages of HSP-VAT for heterogeneous scaled physics and technologies we have not got and still awaiting the clever (competent) formulated disagreement responses and arguments!

The same actually situation as during the last 20+ years of this kind open talks at the meetings, conferences.

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