Virology - as the Heterogeneous Scaled Science

We are not writing here about that kind of algorithm deeds, codes formulated as for the criminal conducts. Not at all, in spite that this is the just, well, "way of life in the cyberspace." Read more in the futurologists' and internet criminologists' publications on that topic.

Though, why do you think Bill Gates heavily funding geneticists ? Because his own guys can not do the job posted, and his only hope is with the Genetics (hidden Virology). And this is not a joke.

We are talking here on the bio-medical science, that is itself suffers from many inconsistencies and lack of or incorrect (remember, the science is as much of science itself, as how much of mathematics presented in it) definitions and their consequences. Meanwhile, when talking about the subject of study itself, then:

The Question is - Do you mean that the single virus can do the harm within the bio-tissue, as much as we know approximately? Yes, it is (or he"she" does), but only if it survives and started those replications. Though, we need to discuss how many of viruses can do their job while being introduced into the bio-scene?

The one - ten viruses (VR's)? Or, better say that those are in between 10^(3) - 10^(6) VR's? Or Up?

Now, we need to recognize where we at or How close we are to the Heterogeneous Two Scale (at least) understanding of virus (virus colony) impact and of the prolonged co-existence of that virus colony within the host tissue (host's cells).

And this is - the Virology Heterogeneous Scaled (VHS), with the same mathematical tools already known and well developed for other fields.

This definition is made by V.S.Travkin in the middle 2005. The difference with other definitions is that - we mean to apply the HSP-VAT theorems, mathematics, techniques, solutions, consequences as for doing modeling in Virology.

Here that all of the dreams about Nanorobots -nanobots (as they say in in vitro Nanotechnology), would come true someday, but only if we can force this virus world to behave by our rules?

Well, this is hard to believe, because the real material viruses around us are striving more and more successfully.

Nowadays, we don't know and don't understand even the main issues of virus world functioning, well, especially - about the collective functioning, behavior?

Even, what about the singled out nanosize active movable nanorobots - as, for example, - Do we know the fundamental differences between this single nanodevice - the "bird flu virus" (picture by Lennart Nilsson)

and this one - the one supposed to self-moving nanorobot (no brain, no trace or hint on intellect)?

Why the first nanorobot produces so fearful clever impact on human species (that will be followed by even worse one), while being so small and assumable (visually) without "any brain, any programming software of billions of lines, any code performing part, any self-moving parts" ?

Is it O.K. when the interaction of this virus with the human tissue cells (even with the one cell) being considered as the closed boxes (black boxes) interaction with some functions - practically as the old time cyber machines actions, but not as interactions of the physical objects with the specific collective behavior, which even in vitro looks much more justifiable ?

The good news is that, at least, in genetics some of these complications of multiscale multiphysics processes have been understood and are being under investigation. Well, using so far the same one scale Homogeneous physics and mathematics tools.


More on later on.

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