Top - Down Scales Relationship is the Most Interesting

The great, prevailing number of problems formulated today as the scale connected physical problems - are the Bottom-Up formulations. This means that at the beginning the problem starts and has a mathematical statement as we know it from the mathematical physics specific field. Then the Upper scale problem, mostly of volumetric nature, being formulated. The next step is to find out the this Upper scale solution, while at the same time practically in all cases (excluding the problems formulated as HSP-VAT ones) just forgotten the Lower scale problem and its formulation.

But the most interesting from the physics, technology, health sciences points of view - is the Top - Down statement and link of the Scale Models, the bonding, relationship (the word coupling, as sometimes said). A coupling - might mean "somehow", "whatever" we like to, not an exact ?

The Top-Down sequence is of great importance - because in most of the situations (actual problems) the Impact, the Act of control is coming from the Upper scale - for example, in most of the situations the piece of matter is warming up or cooling down by doing the Upper scale heating or cooling. Thus, there is the EM microwave heating, but this is not a majority of technical problems.

We will be tentatively publishing the sensitive information on the Top-Down HSP-VAT Models and Results.

At this moment (2009) there is no other, seems, study has been published where this issue was spoken about, formulated and some solutions have beed found as in our publication:

Travkin, V.S., Catton, I., Ponomarenko, A.T., and Kalinin, Yu.E., "Bottom Up and Top Down, from Nano-Scale to Micro-Scale, Hierarchical Descriptions of Electrodynamic, Thermal and Magnetic Fields in Ferromagnets and HTSCs", in Proc. DOE 20th Symposium on Energy Engineering Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory, pp. 296-304, (2002)

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