Magnetic Domains Scale and their Modeling

Few of typical configurations of the Magnetic Domains (MD) and Domain Walls (DW) shown by Kent, A.D., Yu, J., Rudiger,U., and Parkin, S.S.P., "Domain Wall Resistivity in Epitaxial Thin Film Microstructures," J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, Vol. 13, pp. R461-R488, 2001, also present the natural subject for the scaling modeling considerations. This review emphasizes on the importance of Domain Wall phenomena while studying for the existence and properties of Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in ferromagnetic material structures.

Here we see again the two different features physical objects - domains and their walls. The domains are the volumetric entities, while the DW are rather the surficial objects - with the surface properties extended along the DW surfaces. Simultaneously, the cross-DW properties differ from surficial ones greatly.

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