ARPA 1994-95 Project - "Two-phase Contaminant Transport Simulation in Five-Scale Saturated Soil Systems"



   The project is aimed to find the real physically grounded way to model and simulate the transport of contaminated groundwater and nonconservative solute in saturated soil systems (SSS). Since that no one model exists at present time that could accounting on multiscaled morphology consideration, the suggested development will deal with flow and solute modeling in five scale soil systems, including : 1- solid-liquid surface scale modeling; 2 - pore scale; 3 - first (small) scale homogeneous porous medium two phase and two-concentration modeling; 4 - second (large) scale heterogeneous porous layer modeling; 5 - finally transport modeling in multiple layer confined or unconfined SSS. To obtain that kind of models must be used and significantly improved multiscale morphological modeling approach that has been developing by one of the principal key personnel. Modeling procedures is believed will make the more accurate and physical model's output while considering the transport of constituents in each of the phase on each of the level of hierarchy. After being developed this kind of models would be advantageous in comparisons with existing models by its close ties and dependence of given site the soil and multiscale morphology. This should bring the soil and groundwater modeling science on the next level of development.


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