One Scale Local (Nonlocal) Heterogeneous Media ED Concepts and Governing Equations

Historically it is known that the different scale physics often being involved in some inhomogeneous, heterogeneous, and scaled media (materials) electrodynamics. These problems used to be treated with the one scale governing equation statements, in spite that the known discrepancies regarding the different scale physics compromise the whole statement - and the solution of such a problem. Often it is done by the most qualified and great workers.

The tools were and are not adequate. As we noted in the introduction to this section, most people in electrodynamics are familiar somehow with the homogenization theory. As I mention in few places of this website, historically the scaled heterogeneous media VAT appeared first in thermal physics, chemical technology, and fluid mechanics, and still unknown to most of other fields. Contrary, the homogenization theory is known well and has being developed for more then 70 years. Few of our the first prompted remarks on the homogenization theory are given in "Acoustics" section of this website:

  • - "Linear Acousto-Elasticity in Porous Medium"

    Some notes also set in "Nanotechnologies" section:

  • - "Nanotechnologies - General Concept of Pretty Small Gadgets and Consequences for Design and Manufacturing"

    More analysis specified in "Fundamentals" section -

  • - "Comparing with Governing Equations and "Averaging" in Homogenization Theory"

    We need to stop here and say some words (yes, critical) regarding the modes and few ideas of "inhomogeneous" one scale electrodynamics descriptions known today for the more complicated than continuous homogeneous matter.


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