Course Outline:

Thermal Management for a Single Body and for a Multipart Device or Process

Instructor: Travkin, V.S.

Objective of the Course:
The objective of this course is to provide students with elements of thermal management of a separately taken single body or part as well as a multipart device or multibody process.

Tentative outline:
This is the course for degreed engineers and practitioners. The course starts with the general provisions for heat transfer in a separate single body with the different boundary conditions. There will be given few commonly known techniques to compare the solutions for the heat transfer problems involving a single body.

There will be an intermediate part on numerical analysis and methods of numerical approximations for classical 1-3D problems. Few software packages will be discussed. Then, the course proceeds to an area where engineering tasks should be formulated with accounting of multibody or multipart characteristics of the device or process. Here will be given an overview of methods how the problem can be approached. Some initial material will explain how the heat transfer properties of multipart or heterogeneous device or process are assessed and evaluated in practice.

The following part of the course will proceed suggesting to students the techniques for scaled consideration of the thermal management of a device or process. There will be made emphasis on some features of the two scale assessment of the thermal properties of multipart or multibody devices or processes while comparing them to bulk traditional assessment methods, as well as to the direct numerical simulation using advanced software packages.

The pure analysis of classical problems of conductive and convective heat transport in multibody or heterogeneous media will be demonstrated with the hands on participation of students in various methodologies.

Required Textbooks: none

Recommended Textbooks:

Travkin, V.S. and Catton, I., Chap. 1, ''TRANSPORT PHENOMENA IN HETEROGENEOUS MEDIA BASED ON VOLUME AVERAGING THEORY'', in Advances in Heat Transfer, Vol. 34, pp.1-144, (2001).

Kaviany, M., Principles of Heat Transfer in Porous Media, 2nd. edition, Springer, (1995).

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