- mass fraction concentration [-]
- mean skin friction coefficient over the turbulent area of [-]
- mean drag resistance coefficient in the REV [-]
- mean form resistance coefficient in the REV [-]
- mean skin friction coefficient on the REV laminar region [-]
- drag resistance coefficient upon single sphere [-]
- specific heat [J/(kgK)]
- interface differential area in porous medium [m2]
- character pore size in the cross section [m]
- molecular diffusion coefficient [m2/s]
- capillary morphology characteristic pore diameter [m]
- diameter [m] of i-th pore [m]
- mean diameter of medium's pores [m]
- particle diameter [m]
-porous medium Euler number [-]
-Fanning friction factor [-]
-gravitational constant [m2/s]
- pore scale microroughness layer thickness [m]
- internal surface in the REV [m2]
- permeability [m2]
- turbulent diffusion coefficient [m2/s]
- analytic longitudinal diffusion coefficient [m2/s]
- absorption equilibrium constant [-]
- turbulent eddy viscosity [m2/s]
- porous medium general scale [m]
- averaged porosity [-]
- number of pores [-]
- number of pores with diameter of type i [-]
- pressure [Pa]
- ={U}f Lpor/D , porous medium Peclet number [-]
- particle radius Peclet number [-]
- , Prandtl number [-]
- ={U}f Lpor/, porous medium Reynolds number [-]
- ={U}f dm / , mean Reynolds number based on mean pore diameter [-]
- cross sectional flow area [m2]
- source or sink in diffusion equation [s-1]
- total cross sectional area available to flow [m2]
- projected obstacle area on the cross perpendicular pore surface [m2]
- specific surface of a porous medium [1/m]
- = [1/m]
- cross flow projected area of obstacles [m2]
- time interval for averaging of turbulent variable [s]
- velocity fluctuation [m/s]
- dimensionless porous medium interstitial velocity [-]
- characteristic velocity in porous medium, equals to laminar regime velocity in dh tube, [m/s]
- square friction velocity at the upper boundary hr of averaged over surface [m2/s2]


f- fluid phase
L- laminar
n- nondimensional
r- roughness
s- solid phase
T- turbulent
w- wall
i- species or pore type


- value in fluid phase averaged over the REV
- equilibrium values at the assigned surface
- value in solid phase averaged over the REV
- mean turbulent quantity
- mean cross-section quantity in a pore
- mean cross-section quantity in a pore

Greek letters

- averaged mass transfer coefficient over [m/s]
- heat transfer coefficient in control volume [W/(m2K)]
- averaged heat transfer coefficient over [W/(m2K)]
- mean heat transfer coefficient across the layer [W/(m2K)]
- = , characteristic heat transfer coefficient in the layer [W/(m2K)]
- volumetric thermal expansion coefficient [1/K]
- smooth wall boundary layer thickness [m]
- representative elementary volume (REV) [m3]
- turbulence dissipation rate [m2/s3]
- Darcy friction coefficient in tubes [-]
- dynamic viscosity [kg/(m s)] or [Pa s]
- kinematic viscosity [m2/s]
- density [kg/m3]
- turbulent dissipation rate coefficient exchange ratio [-]
- porous medium turbulent kinetic energy coefficient exchange ratio [-]
- conventional turbulent kinetic energy coefficient exchange ratio [-]
- porous medium fluid non-local temperature turbulent coefficient exchange ratio [-]
- turbulent friction stress tensor [kg/(m s2)]
- wall shear stress [N/m2]
- roughness element slope angle [°]
- scalar field variable [-]

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