Quantum Mechanics Standard (QMS) and the Classical Quantum Mechanics (CQM) Multiscaled

So far, due to some apparent reasons, we have tried to stay at a distance from the contradictions of Quantum Mechanics (standard, conventional as established in the first half of the 20th century) (QMS) and theories those appeared as the result of these contradictions and inconsistencies. The change has come from the Above, not of that Above one can imagine, but because of the simple number of facts and solutions obtained with the scaled physics when problems were formulated as for continuum mechanics - that of the Above scales. As soon as the mathematics is almost the same (or almost the same conceptual basics) for any group of scales involved - that means the mysterious explanations and descriptions of Quantum Mechanics could be the subject of scrutiny while approaching from the above scales. Not as from within the atomic scales physics and mathematics as most of the challenges have appeared so far.

I think, nobody would talk now that founders of Quantum Mechanics (QMS) thought by scale terms, conceptions - and that they applied for any scale - subatomic or interstellar the same kind of mathematical models!? Well, this is continuing as practice and up to nowadays.

As soon as we realize that the Upper scales are directly tied to the Lower (atomic, or of any really smaller scale physics) scales that means that those descriptions and explanations could not be disintegrated one from another, as it is now being taught in the atomic physics, particle physics, plasma, and fusion physics courses. Molecular Dynamics is the discipline right now that serves as for fitting to the data of conventional one scale Continuum Mechanics.

Will be uploading into this and neighboring sub-sections some data released for public domain for education and for advertisement.

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